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Talking About Isa

Talking About Isa is not written for your Muslim friend. Rather, it is written for Followers ofJesus to understand Muslim culture and to adopt the vocabulary and skills necessary to have a conversation with them about Jesus. Talking About Isa provides real world examples of the kind of conversations that begin to change the view of Jesus in a Muslim's eyes. These talks frequently do not complete the whole picture of salvation in one sitting. Muslims often are open to only one key piece of the puzzle being placed on the table at a time. Having an understanding that you cannot take your audience beyond where they are willing to go is paramount when working with those from an Islamic background.

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Rise Up and Walk

When ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) struck Kim Ordile, she was an educator to children and college-age adults. Now she communicates hope by writing with her eyes. Holding a BS in Liberal Studies from Corban University, she began her teaching career in a foreign country, where she learned to embrace the uncertainty of the unknown. Today, Kim again faces unfamiliar territory each day due to her illness. With courage and grace, she accepts the challenge and turns her obstacles into inspiration for others, helping them rise above whatever holds them down. 

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The Art of Wisdom

Do you multiply error with a spewing out of words, or by wisely holding your tongue, do you bring honor to those around you? Each day, whether as a fool or a wise person, we live out the book of Proverbs. This devotional illustrates each of the ninety-one proverbs in Proverbs 10–12 with an artful photograph and modern application of its wisdom. The Art of Wisdom uses beauty to highlight the benefits of choosing the Lord’s way and to contrast those benefits with the consequences of a foolish life. Intended as a conversation piece, devotional, and family discussion starter, this book will show how to navigate peaceful living, family dynamics, and interactions with friends and neighbors. It also will serve as a guide for you when you do not know what to do.

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