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Kim Ordile 

Have your circumstances crushed your spirit? When receiving the diagnosis of a terminal illness, Kim Ordile turned that paralyzing news into a daily reminder of what the Lord had done and continues to do. In her 40-Day devotional guide, Kim shares her struggles with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), and challenges us to seek the Lord, as it only through Him that we are able to rise above what seeks to weigh us down. 

Tammy Lea Fabian

Tammy is founder of Time in the Desert, an international speaker, and a graduate of Corban University with a BS in Psychology. With over twenty books of the Bible memorized, she has journaled the breadth of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom she has gleaned from her studies of the Scripture. After writing her seventh book on her heart–the book of Hosea-she founded Time in the Desert. She travels throughout the world as a speaker, interacting with different cultures, people groups, and religions.

James Bryanson

James Bryanson lived in East Africa seven years where he taught undergraduate Bible and theology courses and trained evangelists among unreached people groups. He has traveled to more than 50 countries, half of those with a Muslim majority, to see Jesus’ name increased in notoriety. He participates annually in faith dialogues with senior level Islamic leaders, and has ongoing coaching relationships with individuals in Iraq, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. While stateside he regularly teaches in four states and trains businesses and churches who want to increase their effectiveness among those in Islam.

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