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Time in the Desert Invites You

Sometimes the desert is where we hear God's voice the loudest. To redeem that time...we write!

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Time in the Desert, LLC is a boutique writing and publication company inspired by Hosea 2:14-15. As the Lord leads us into the desert to rid us of the distractions of life, we hear his voice the loudest. In turn, that intimate time becomes the inspiration and source to write, in order to share the hope that we received from the Lord. 

"Therefore, I am now going to allure her, I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her.There I will give her back her vineyards and make the Valley of Achor a door of hope.There she will sing as in the days of her youth, as in the day she came out of Egypt."

The Art of Wisdom Wins the 2021 Davinci Eye Award

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Time in the Desert puts out a wide range of books on a variety of subjects. Some of the most popular titles we’ve published include The Art of Wisdom, Talking About Isa, and Rise Up and Walk. Read on to find out more.


Talking About Isa

This book is not written for your Muslim friend. Rather, it is written for Followers of Jesus to understand Muslim culture and to adopt the vocabulary and skills necessary to have a conversation with them about Jesus. Talking About Isa provides real world examples of the kind of conversations that begin to change the view of Jesus in a Muslim's eyes. 

The Art of Wisdom

Do you multiply error with a spewing out of words, or by wisely holding your tongue, do you bring honor to those around you? Each day, whether as a fool or a wise person, we live out the book of Proverbs. This devotional illustrates each of the ninety-one proverbs in Proverbs 10–12 with an artful photograph and modern application of its wisdom.

Rise Up and Walk

Feeling defeated? Burden by something you cannot change? In this 40-day devotional guide Kim Ordile shares her daily struggles of living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in hopes that you will find hope and strength to press on from that which weighs you down. The challenges, discouragements, or disappointments Kim faces each day, she turns into praise as she leans into the promises of God and his Word.

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Time in the Desert Authors

Kim Ordile

Kim communicates hope by writing with an eye-gaze computer as she has lost voice and the ability to use her hands. Holding a BS in Liberal Studies from Corban University, she began her teaching career in a foreign country, where she learned to embrace the uncertainty of the unknown for the first time 

Tammy Lea Fabian

Tammy is founder of Time in the Desert, an international speaker, and a graduate of Corban University with a BS in Psychology. Because of her memorization of over twenty books of the Bible, it has created a passion to inspire people to apply God’s Word to our every day. 

James Bryanson

James Bryanson lived in East Africa seven years where he taught undergraduate Bible and theology courses and trained evangelists among unreached people groups. He has traveled to more than 50 countries, half of those with a Muslim majority, to see Jesus’ name increased in notoriety.


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"He found him in a desert land, and in the howling waste of the wilderness; he encircled him, he cared for him, he kept him as the apple of his eye."

Deuteronomy 32:10 (NIV)

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