The Art of Wisdom

The Art of Wisdom by Tammy Lea Fabian is a delightful exposition of Proverbs 10–12 with penetrating wisdom questions. Proverbs, by nature, are stories compressed into pithy, poignant kernels of wisdom. The author pops these proverbial kernels into authentic modern stories and artful images that make their wisdom come alive to the delight of readers.  Yes, The Art of Wisdom uses art and the craft of storytelling to breathe life into these biblical proverbial sayings and shows how wisdom flourishes in the life of this young woman who has committed herself to memorizing Scripture and modeling the art of wisdom. 

—Dr. Ted Hildebrandt

The discernment of Solomon, conveyed in the ninety-one sayings found in chapters 10–12 of the Book of Proverbs, has been transferred into the life and art of the creator of this fascinating devotional volume. Through the wisdom of the Scriptures, iconic images, personal life-story illustrations, and riddles, you will engage truth in a uniquely artistic and compelling way. I trust many fellow travelers will experience the transforming power of The Art of Wisdom secreted in this treasure. 

—Timothy S. Warren, ThM, PhD

Retired Senior Professor of Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary

Tammy artfully blends the wisdom of Solomon with beautiful photography and very personal stories to create a captivating book. She had me laughing at her antics, amazed by her vulnerability, and challenged by the applications. I read it in one sitting and will read it many more times, as doubtless will the many people to whom I plan to gift this wonderful, inspirational, challenging work.

—Chuck Bryant
CEO Pinnacle Forum America

The Art of Wisdom is not only an amazing artistic production, but the insights into Proverbs that it provides are unique and very helpful. The gorgeous pictures bring the proverbs to life, and the comments on each verse are truly insightful and refreshing.

—Dr. Thomas L. Constable
Retired Dept. Chairman of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

The Art of Wisdom curates Tammy’s passion for God’s Word (specifically the Proverbs), gift of storytelling, and evocative photographs she has taken over the years into a spiritual and visual gallery full of treasures that you will want to wander through, linger with, and ponder for years to come.

— Jason Dorsey
Artistic Director, Sunnyshore Studio